Enter the Dragon(fly) – Canterbury, NH

Meet team Enter the Dragon(fly), hailing from Canterbury, NH!

(From left to right- Ray, Harpo, Michael, and Tim)

Dragonflies are the insect world’s shark, eating hundreds of mosquitoes in one day. “Enter the Dragon” is a Bruce Lee classic where he enters a martial arts competition as a cover to spy on a crime lord.  Put the two together, Enter the Dragon(fly), and you have a lethal combination of lightning speed, agility and glorious acumen. 

 Team Bio

Our builders, Ray, Harpo, Tim and Michael have a varied background with a common love of art and engineering.  Ray and Harpo have engineering backgrounds with a vast amount of welding and metal workmanship between them.  Tim comes from a family of makers with his dad being an engineer and his brother a working artist in New York City.  Tim is a cross of both worlds and puts his talents into an epic Halloween party every year that he makes goulish creations for all year long. Michael, an artist, art professor at UMass Lowell and so happens to be one of the directors of the LKSR, has long had a love of kinetic racing and of making things.