You Know, The Drill – Baltimore, MD


This team is made up of a mix of two Baltimore Kinetic Race veterans and a crew from Crossfit Lowell.  The veterans, Pauline and Brandon actually had another sculpture Team Agogosaurus, that recently broke down during testing.  Another Baltimore team is loaning them a sculpture to bring up here to our race and so the rest is history. Sharing is caring!
Also, below is the link to a website I put together on running kinetic sculpture racing as a high school class. You have our “textbook” on your resources page, which is Awesome! I ran this class for 7 years then passed it off to Pauline and August. If you have any schools up there they may be interested in running this as a club or class I’d be happy to answer any questions they have around curriculum, logistics, budgets, safety, etc. School participation can be a good way to increase the size of the race. The race is an incredible opportunity to teach design and engineering…