2016 post-race article and gallery from the Lowell Sun

Thank you to the Lowell Sun for their coverage of the race!

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4 Responses to 2016 post-race article and gallery from the Lowell Sun

  1. Alex Pasternak says:

    I saw this article, but still have no idea who the actual winner was, despite the misleading headline. It seems like maybe they forgot some text.

    • Michael Roundy says:

      All of the participants were winners, having won awards for many different things (biggest splash, people’s choice, 2nd to last, etc.). The ACE Champion (usually considered the ultimate champion of the race) was Cheetah Cheetah.

      • Alex Pasternak says:

        Thanks for the response, Michael Roundy. So I guess the “We have a winner” part of the headline was metaphoric, or talking about the race itself.

  2. Rose Marie Thoms says:

    Thanks to all who worked on this festival.. It was great fun to see all the imaginative creations. We came from Orange MA to see the spectacle and it was worth it…looking forward to next years event.

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