About the Organizers

Bianca Mauro of Lowell Kinetic Sculpture RaceBianca Mauro, Producer

Bianca is a Lowell-based producer, designer, photographer, adventurer, and supporter of the arts. She has been on the Lowell Cultural Council since 2017. She has amassed over 19 years of international production and event management experience. Her company, BRM Production Management is based in Lowell, and helps clients, here and across the globe, turn their napkin sketches into reality. A huge advantage of Lowell being a “mid-sized” city is that we can be bold here. We can take risks that larger cities have become too self-conscious to indulge. We are a passionate population of academics, artists, makers, and entrepreneurs, in a city that embraces innovation, and that’s the perfect incubator for the evolution of impactful ideas.

Michael Roundy Lowell Kinetic Scultpure RaceMichael Roundy, Race Director

Michael is an artist, faculty member of the Art and Design Department at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, and a kinetic sculpture enthusiast, witnessing 7 Kinetic Grand Championships in northern California. Having grown a deep love for Lowell with its vibrant art community and industrial history, Michael saw the potential to have the first New England based kinetic sculpture race that, like its fellow races across the country, promotes STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) crossed with a raucous good time.

Meghan Harrah, Race Development

EYEFUL Beauty in Lowell is owned and operated by Meghan Harrah since 2009.  EYEFUL Beauty is not just your typical hair salon. Meghan Harrah, a disabled veteran believes in a “team” with talent, customer service and community involvement. Meghan also works as a Regional Educator for Keune Haircosmetics. Meghan and her crew are the founders of the F*CK Cancer Charity. They have raised over $100,000 dollars for Lowell General Hospital Team-walk for Cancer Care.  Her dedication to the local community lead to her being chosen as The Woman of Lowell in 2013.

Maxine Farkas, Grant Writer

Maxine is an artist and advocate for the arts in Lowell.  She spent a lot of years herding cats at Western Avenue Studios and is currently Chair of the Lowell Cultural Council.

Volunteer Coordinator Bridey MahoneyBridey Mahoney, Volunteer Coordinator

I am a Lowell girl and proud of it!! I have been fortunate enough to grow up in this amazing community full of artists, activists and entrepreneurs!! Being a part of this spectacular event has been so unbelievable, words can not explain the experience, so I encourage ALL of you to come be apart of it!!! Come Volunteer and see what I am talking about!!! Sign up now!

Kim Little, Teams Coordinator

Kim grew up in NY and studied architecture and fine art at FIT and NYIT. She was also a commercial photographer for Macy’s. Most recently she was a carpenter after moving to Massachusetts. Mother of twin boys who love the LKSR!

J Grenier Marketing AdvisorJ. M. Grenier, Marketing

J. M. Grenier is a former broadcaster, MFA student and online communications specialist, currently writing a collection of literary short stories incorporating themes of family, class and mental illness in a fictional mill town.

Asia Scudder, Social Media

Asia enjoys making use of online social media platforms as well as bricks and mortar venues to provide excellence in exhibitions, lectures, discussions and community efforts towards an overall mission of diversity in visual arts, music, performance, technological innovation, sustainable economies as well as environment! And all of this is intended to encourage creativity at all levels, to include art that is not confined to museums and galleries, and educate through inspiration; or be additive to new real-life applications or that may inspire new thought in sustainable economies.

Lisa Corkum Graphic DesignLisa Corkum, Graphic Design

Lisa is an architect who brings design to every aspect of her life. When she’s not designing buildings, she enjoys baking crazy cupcakes or wondering around Lowell with her family basking in her favorite building material: brick. She is excited to be a part of her favorite local event this year!

Eric Pennell Engineering AdvisorEric Pennell, Engineering Advisor

Eric Pennell is a mechanical engineer with 20 years of hands-on experience in robotics, composite materials and aircraft component design. His home shop and recording studio are constantly full of ongoing metal and woodworking projects and musical endeavors; where he, his wife and two daughters love creating. Eric is a life long photographer and is always documenting his outdoor adventures, concerts and various musical pursuits.

Dave Clark, Build Advisor

David Clark – GoodWood Restoration at your service. Builder / Designer / Mad Scientist. Stand up Philosopher. 8 year Lowellian. Restoration & Repurposed is the key. Sustainability is the mission. & Laughter and Music make the wheels go ‘round.  413 ~ 348 ~ 3393

Bianca and Michael watching sculptures launch at the Water Obstacle. Photo by Jeff Caplan