2019 Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race

Award Winners

—The Very Very Competitive LKSR ACE Champion—

Big Red Nose

—ACE Awards—


Big Red Nose

—The Very Competitive Non-Competitive Award of Mediocrity–(Highest award for non-ACE teams)

Rowdy River Rovers

—The Peoples’ Choice Award—

The Reef Racer

—The Twisted Sprocket Award—
(Best mud pit performance)

Cinnamon Rolls

—The Next to Last Award—

Rowdy River Rovers

—The Golden Dinosaur Award—

(The first to breakdown or the most epic breakdown)

Area 51 Escapees

—Best Pit Crew—


—Best Costume—

Pirates of the Merrimack Valley

—Pilot’s Choice Award—

Cinnamon Rolls

—Golden Flipper Award—

(Best water performance or the most memorable)

Lobster Roll

-The Art Award—

The Reef Racer

—The Engineering Award—


—The Speed Award—


—The Best Bribes Award—

Fruit Rollup

—The Mad Marshals Award—

Pirates of the Merrimack Valley

—The Glorious Founder’s Award—

Jay Hungate

A very special thank you goes to the ten artists that created the most glorious awards- Kim Little, Jay Hungate, Rob Jussaume, Tom Rossio, Douglas Prime, Phil Smith, Asia Scudder, MakeIt Labs, Robert Van de Walle, and Michael Roundy. They were all truly amazing!!


About the Awards

The Glorious Founder’s Award 

This new award to 2019, is to be given to a person or group that has shown dedication to the kinetic spirit. Helping, building, smiling, spreading glory, etc. All of the things that make kinetic sculpture racing so special.  

The Very Very Competitive Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race Champion

The Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race Champion must ACE the course. The award is determined by Mysterious Mathematical Means which include a point scoring system based on artistic merit, engineering prowess, and blinding speed of the KS. The KS with the highest average score in art, engineering, and speed is the LKSR Champion. In the case that the LKSR Champion has the highest score in any of the three categories of art, engineering, or speed, then the lesser art, engineering, or speed prize is forfeited in favor of the BIG ONE, to share the Glory, and not hog all the biggest prizes!

The ACE Award

The ACE Award is the most prestigious individual honor a racer or team can garner. This prize is a special hand-made medal (think Congressional Medal of Honor, Purple Heart, and Einstein Genius Knights of the Round Table Award). Many of the machines and pilots that race in other parts of the world do so, only for this award and eschew any other glory or honors. A pilot who obtains this medal has conquered not only a race course, but his machine, and himself. When an ACE pilot enters a room, all must stand to give honor to his or her status and must be addressed as “Most Visionary Professor.”

The Very Competitive Non-Competitive Award of Mediocrity

Awarded to the KS finishing in the middle. That is the team that has the best overall points in three categories of a very secret scoring scheme (just a hint-engineering, art, speed).

The Peoples’ Choice Award

Voted on by your adoring fans, one of our highest and most coveted awards.

The Twisted Sprocket Award

This award goes to the team with the most epic, jaw dropping mud experience. This Award is being made by the incomparable Jay Hungate of Hungate Studios, a seasoned veteran of the mud pit mayhem.

The Next To Last Award

Awarded to the Sculpture and Pilot finishing, well, next to last. That way the end of the race can get pretty exciting.

Worst Honorable Mention

Lowest Award known to Humankind. This is given to the Sculpture whose half-baked theoretical “engineering” did not deter its Pilots from the challenge of the race.

The Golden Dinosaur Award

Awarded to either the first Sculpture to “breakdown” or the “most memorable breakdown.”

Best Pit Crew

Awarded and judged by various Officials, and has no real criteria (which reflects the wisdom of Pilots in choosing a pit crew, or conversely, the wisdom of some Pilots’ “friends” in volunteering to be the pit crew.)

Best Costume

Awarded by the The Fashion Police who keep the criteria a closely closeted secret.

Pilots’ Choice Award

Awarded to the Pilot receiving the most votes from his/her fellow Pilots.

Golden Flipper Award

Awarded to the Sculpture with the most interesting water entry.

 The Art Award

Awarded by the Art Judges. Category includes consideration of color, costumes, two and three dimensional “artistic designs,” kinetic motion, humor, theatrical appeal, and mass crowd- and media glory-seeking.

The Engineering Award

Awarded by the Engineering Judges. Category includes consideration of ingenious conquering of course obstacles through Sculpture design as well as any ingenious facet of the design that functions in a truly unique or Glorious Manner.

The Speed Award

Awarded to the Sculpture and Pilot with the fastest elapsed course time after any time-penalty infractions have been added.

The Best Bribes Award

Need we say more? Homemade treats, art or some other giveaway that brings delight to spectators and officials alike will garner this award.

Mad Marshals’ Award

They keep an eye on those hooligan racers throughout the day while spreading smiles and good fortune to all of our spectators. Now they have an award, so teams be nice and make sure to bribe them (wink wink, nudge nudge).