Fundraiser set for Saturday, June 30th at UnchARTed (4-8pm)

We have almost met our goal to  be able to keep the LKSR free for all but we still need a bit more. So we are having our annual Silent Auction Fundraiser at UnchARTed this coming Saturday, June 30th, 4-8pm.

There are some great items on the block including the opportunity to be a pilot on ‘Lobster Roll’ at this year’s race. Lobster Roll is the sculpture created and used by LKSR veterans (Jay Hungate, Nick Anastasia, Jay Diengott, Carl Henderson and Michael Roundy) to participate in the 50th Kinetic Grand Championship, the original race!

Other items include gift baskets, artwork, and a whole lot more. Come on down to help support our craziness.

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