Iconic Flying Fish – Lowell, MA

Meet team Iconic Flying Fish, hailing from Lowell, MA!


Sculptor Jay Hungate has been tinkering with stuff since he was a kid, taking things apart and trying to put them back together again. Most widely known for his gargoyles, grotesques and fine stone carvings, Jay occasionally builds things that indicate he is still a kid at heart.

Back for the second year, Team Iconic Flying Fish, will be rolling, mucking and swimming through Lowell, as they once again attempt to ACE the course. Piloted by Lowell artist Jay W. Hungate, the freshly reconfigured shark contraption will be hitting the course with a new drive system and other modifications. The Iconic Flying Fish bike brigade will once again be joining the fun, handing out fun goodies and bribes to LKSR fans and spectators.