Oh! Snap! -Catonsville, Maryland

Melissa & Phil Smith have been involved in Kinetic Sculpture racing since 2011. They build every machine from discarded materials found around Baltimore, often dragging steel or styrofoam out of streams or dump sites. They also generally dismantle and recycle the whole contraption and start from scratch the next year. Even nuts, bolts, screws and paint are reclaimed material. Oh! Snap! is our 6th Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race entry, 1st for Lowell.

Oh! Snap! is a 2 wheel drive trike made from discarded materials including: 1 motorcycle, 3 bicycles, 2 futons, 2 treadmills, 1 skateboard and old styrofoam.

The sculpture represents a 500 lb. alligator/snapping turtle. These creatures live in Maryland (we found one) and grow to more than 200 lbs, living 200+years